STACPAD™ is a work process tool that is a web based site accessed by multiple browsers. Together with our partners in Information Services, we have created the first all-inclusive web based academic suite for residency education which includes access to information for Scholarship, Teaching, Academics and Clinical Care.

STACPAD™ is designed to assist residents in current/future educational needs while ensuring privacy and safety for the pediatric population that we care for in San Antonio.

Scholarship Teaching Academic Clinical
Projects 3D Videos Call Schedules Online Handover
CV Building Diagnostic Pictures Curriculum and Milestones EMR VPN
Contract Negotiations Anatomical Pictures Contact Information CHC Forms

*these are only a few of the components located on STACPAD™

The Scholarship section of STACPAD™ is designed to assist residents as they prepare for quality improvement projects and scholarly activity needs. This section includes a curriculum vitae design guide, business model planning modules, information on research seminars and an array of multiple webinars and links to assist in post graduate needs. The overall goals of this section are to assist each resident in preparing to leave training and enter the world of academic medicine informed, prepared and ready for success.

The Teaching section of STACPAD™ is designed to assist residents in teaching patients and their families about the needs of the patient. This section includes anatomical pictures, pill finder information and diagnostic videos that can be used to inform the patient of their current medical needs and best practices in treating those needs. There are also links to applications that allow for language translators using voice recognition to remove any barriers in communication that might occur during a patient visit. The overall goal of this section is to close the gap between resident and patient communication that could be hindered by misunderstanding or lack of correct knowledge.

The Academics section of STACPAD™ is designed to bring all of the facets of day to day residency education into one location for ease and accessibility. This section includes reading lists and educational tool repository, conference announcements/forms/outcomes/attendance sheets, advisor information, call schedules, photos, resident handbook, individual learning plans, portfolios, orientation materials and Milestones information. This section also houses residency curriculum to include goals and objectives by rotation and competency to allow for the resident to prepare prior to a rotation as well as to complete mandatory rotation based curriculum while on service. The overall goals of this section are to bring departmental residency education together with ACGME and institutional requirements to ensure comprehensive compliance and guaranteed transfer of learning by way of making the resident the owner of their own education.

The Clinical section of STACPAD™ is 100% interactive between the entire patient care team. This section allows the resident to admit a patient while populating the ACGME compliant patient hand-off list simultaneously. The information included in this section is securely housed and allows for all members of the resident team to be a part of the standard of care for each patient. This section also creates a safe patient information environment that remains up to date on a real time basis. The overall goals of this section are to increase patient safety by securely protecting PHI and simultaneously decreasing resident handover error by tracking each patient step by step while they are a part of our treatment team.