As I am sure you have learned, life as a pediatric resident does not end when you graduate: it continues to flourish.

We hope that the education and experience you gained while training at UT Health San Antonio, formally known as UTHSCSA, has brought you many life successes and happiness. As our number of alumni continues to grow, we feel the need to connect this group. The purpose of this group is to promote the continuity of family and team post-graduation, collect correct demographic information from alumni, allow networking opportunities, provide program and clinical updates in the community, and to enhance support of the department for current and future residents.


The Pediatric Residency Program has an alumni fund to assist in the scholarship development of our trainees to allow them to travel to national meetings and represent UT Health and our program.

The funding will also go towards board review materials and educational resource items needed by the trainees.

Please consider giving back to your training program to allow more opportunities for our future physicians and the growth of this program.

Remember, it's not how much you give, but that you give. Not only will you be helping others, but you will also be increasing the reputation of YOUR training program.

To give to the Pediatric Residency Program, click here

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