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April 14, 2017

Monthly Research Bulletin (PDF)

The Department of Pediatrics Research Office fosters awareness of ongoing basic science and clinical research taking place within and outside the Health Science Center.

Pediatrics research activities include:

Research Day

An annual showcase of research engaged within the Department of Pediatrics. Pediatrics Research Day 2015 took place on May 8.   Visit the page to see the program and the competition winners.     

Research Seminars

Monthly lectures by invited speakers from the department, the UT Health Science Center and other academic institutions around the nation. Seminars are generally held the second Friday of the month, 8:45-9:45 a.m., from September through April, in 409-410L MED on the main campus (day subject to change). Please check the schedule for information on speakers and topics.

UT Pediatric Research

Our clinical research unit provides a child friendly environment conducive to pediatric research. We provide investigators with a wide variety of services in order to help ensure they are able to conduct important research that will improve the lives of children.

Research Progress Conference

Each month, a presenter will give a presentation of a research project in development, covering specific aims, background and significance, and research plan. Senior faculty members will provide feedback and advice and lead discussion. This seminar aims to improve the quality of grant applications and/or related publications, and to increase the number of funded projects.

Grant Writing Workshops

The department conducts grant writing workshops periodically, or Dr. Infante is available for personal review of grant documents.

2017 Research Publications

List of research publications for 2017