Research Facilities
A variety of research facilities are available to the Division of Neonatology:

  1. 1100 square feet of laboratory space equipped for molecular biology and cellular physiology investigation
  2. Separate laboratory for small animal ventilation; equipped with a computer monitored premature rabbit ventilator system (capable of ventilating 20 premature rabbits simultaneously)
  3. Animal care and laboratory facilities for neonatal specialty resident’s bench research projects in UTHSCSA facilities
  4. Access to Laboratory Animal Resources for primate research
  5. Resources for clinical research include the University Hospital NICU, a 30,000 square foot facility.  Within the perimeter of the NICU clinical research is facilitated by:
  6. A clinical laboratory staffed by 24 hours/day technicians to perform blood gas, glucose, bilirubin, hematocrit, and electrolyte analyses
  7. A pharmacy staffed 54 hours/week and equipped with controlled temperature refrigerator and freezer
  8. A 250-square foot research laboratory
  9. Dedicated equipment for performing and imaging digital radiographs
  10. Dedicated supple and respiratory therapy facilities
  11. Separate office facilities for neonatal faculty and residents equipped with separate desktop computers and internet access
  12. Conference rooms and parent education rooms
  13. A dedicated elevator connecting the NICU to labor and delivery, one floor below
  14. Electronic bedside medical charting


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