Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Fellowship

Duty Hours and Clinical Call Schedule

The Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Fellowship Program maintains in compliance with the duty hour regulations set forth by the ACGME. In order to regulate duty hours, fellows enter duty hours into New Innovations and the hours are monitored by the Program Director. Institutional Duty hour surveys are conducted twice yearly and ACGME resident surveys are conducted annually.

Clinical Call Schedule

University Hospital (UH-NICU)
The call schedule for fellows varies throughout the year. During the block of primary UH-NICU the fellow is on call in the hospital on average of 2 nights per week. These calls are all in-house to back up the pediatric residents or NNPs and increase their patient contact experience. During this period, the fellow’s daily or weekly hours do not exceed the ACGME guidelines and the fellow is off every Saturday. The Neonatal Attending Faculty takes two to three nights of in-house call per week in place of the fellows to allow for time off. For the remaining blocks (research or clinical electives), the fellow takes an average of no more than one call per week. In addition, during these blocks the fellow gets one to two full weekend days off every week. There is no formal home call schedule, however in the event of a difficult neonatal transport, fellows may volunteer for transport duty to gain additional patient care experience (provided that hours do no exceed the ACGME guidelines). Fellows have private sleep facilities in the hospital and are required to go home post-call for a period of rest as per the ACGME guidelines. First year fellows will have either a faculty neonatologist or NNP in house with them until the faculty deem the fellow competent to stay in house with faculty neonatologist backup from home and the fellow feels comfortable with remote rather than in house backup (typically the 1st 4-6 months).

San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAMMC NICU)
Fellows rotate at SAMMC NICU once (4 weeks) during their fellowship. During this rotation fellows do not take in house call and are off one day in seven. Duty hours and time off are in accordance to the ACGME guidelines.

University Hospital Cardiac Rotation and Maternal Fetal Medicine Rotation
Neonatal fellows are not required to take in-house call in the CVICU or MFM units. They are still required to take one night of in-house call per week in the UH-NICU during these rotations.

Fellows are permitted up to 15 days of vacation per year. Vacation requests are made in advance to the program director and cannot be carried over to the following year.

Sick Leave
A maximum of 10 working sick days are allowed and can be carried over to subsequent years. Combined absences/leave in excess of 3 months during the 3 years of training, whether for vacation, parental leave, illness, etc. must be made up. If the program director believes that combined absences/leave that exceeds 3 months is justified, a letter of explanation is sent by the director for review by the Credentials Committee.