Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

at University Hospital - University Health SystemWe are #1 in San Antonio

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is 35,000 square feet located on the 5th floor of University Hospital. Our hospital is San Antonio's only health system recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of America's Best Hospitals.

With the completion of our NICU expansion, we can now accomdate 58 babies. Over 3,000 newborns are admitted annually to the University Hospital, including 600 admissions to the NICU.

State-of-the-Art NICU

Premature babies are unique and require special care. University Hospital has a highly-skilled team of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals ready to provide you and your baby with expert medical care.

Our NICU Includes:

  • Neonatologists, doctors trained to care for premature and sick newborns, staffed around the clock
  • Dedicated NICU pharmacist
  • Computerized bedside medical charting or Complete EMR - Electronic Medical Record
  • Dedicated clinical laboratory staffed by technicians around the clock performing blood gas determinations, glucose, bilirubin, hematocrit, and fetal scalp pH measurements
  • Equipment for obtaining and reviewing digital portable radiographs
  • Respiratory Therapist staffed around the clock
  • Specially trained staff for counseling, Pastoral Care, financial and travel assistance and much more
  • Parent/infant rooms where parents can "room in" with their baby in anticipation of/prior to discharge
  • Dedicated NICU dietician

Who is Caring for My Baby?


A neonatologist is a doctor with advanced training in the care of premature and sick newborns. Our neonatologists are board-certified in Pediatrics and sub-board certified/eligible in Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine. Our doctors are also teachers at UT Health Science Center at San Antonio. University Hospital is a teaching hospital. Your baby will have resident physicians and medical students assisting with the medical care, however, a neonatologist is always present and supervising at all times. 

Neonatal Nurse Practitioners (NNP's)

Neonatal nurse practitioners are nurses with advanced training that treat premature infants and work independently with a supervising neonatologist.

Neonatal Hospitalists
A hospitalist is a physician who supports the neonatology team in the care of your baby.

Neonatal Nurse
A neonatal nurse has special training in caring for premature and other sick infants. They are often the most hands-on care provider at your baby's bedside.

Respiratory Therapist
Experts in the delivery of various respiratory therapies in the NICU.  This includes ventilators (respirators), oxygen equipment, and breathing medications.

Physical Therapist
A therapist that specializes in improving muscle strength, range of motion, coordination, and other motor skills for premature infants.

Occupational Therapist
A therapist that specializes in sensory development, fine motor skills, and feeding techniques for premature infants.

Speech Therapist
A therapist that specializes in speech development that works with infants in our NICU to help overcome challenging feeding problems.

Lactation Consultant
A healthcare professional that is an expert in breastfeeding and can help mothers with various breastfeeding issues.

Registered Neonatal Dietician
A Registered Dietician has special education and training in nutrition. Our Neonatal Dietician works with the doctors and nurses to make sure that your baby's nutritional needs are being met regardless of your baby's diagnosis.

Social Worker
Professionals that assist parents with issues such as insurance, follow-up appointments, referrals to community services, and emotional support.

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