Grand Rounds Handouts

03/22/2019   Congenital Syphilis Update (Junda Woo, MD, MPH and Timothy Biela, MD)590 kb.pdf
03/08/2019   – “Adverse Childhood Experiences The Who, What and Why It Matters” ( Kristen A. Plastino, MD )4,599 kb.pdf
01/04/2019   - The Struggle is Real-Examining Communication Barriers and Strategies To Improve Informed Consent - (Jessica Raley, PhD)220 kb.pdf
12/14/2018   Newborn Screening in Texas-Debra Freedenberg MD PhD M.Phil795 kb.pdf
11/09/2018   “Maternal Glycemia During Pregnancy and Childhood Outcomes” (William L. Lowe, Jr., M.D.)826 kb.pdf
10/12/2018   “Ethical Dilemmas in Neonatal-Perinatal Healthcare” ( Brian S. Carter, MD )589 kb.pdf
10/05/2018   –“Can You Hear Me Now Best Practices For Learning and Teaching Feedback Techniques” (Beth PayneMichelle Arandes, MD)790 kb.pdf
09/15/2018   Interactive Teaching and Learning Techniques for Large Groups-William D. Hendricson947 kb.pdf
09/14/2018   Pediatric and Young Adult Cancer Treatment and Fertility Preservation ( Glenn L. Schattman, MD, FACOG)1,628 kb.pdf
06/15/2018   “What The Pediatrician Needs to Know About Transgender Children and Adolescents)767 kb.pdf
05/04/2018   Common Pediatric Surgical Emergencies2,175 kb.pdf
04/13/2018   Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes ” (Tanicia Daley, MD, MPH)1,080 kb.pdf
04/06/2018   -“Airway Clearance Therapy ” (Filomena Hazel Villa, MD)778 kb.pdf
03/30/2018   “Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant for Sickle Cell Disease ” (Michael J. Eckrich, MD, MPH)2,062 kb.pdf
03/09/2018   Dealing With Medical Errors (Ruth E. Berggren, MD, MACP)6,603 kb.pdf
03/02/2018   “The Changing Face of Autism” (Sean Meagher, MD, FAAP)577 kb.pdf
02/16/2018   “Make-A-Wish Central and South Texas Are We Reaching All Eligible Kids” (Jill Skinner and Charity Embry)765 kb.pdf
02/09/2018   “Developmental Delay Background, Identification, and Treatment” (Beth A. Trevino, MD)265 kb.pdf
02/09/2018   “Developmental Delay Background, Identification, and Treatment” – Additional information (Beth A. Trevino, MD)448 kb.pdf
02/02/2018   “Update On Hypertension In Children and Adolescents” (Ikuyo Yamaguchi, MD, PhD)683 kb.pdf
01/26/2018   The Lived Experiences of Parents With Chronic Sorrow Caring For Children With A Chronic Medical Condition” (Lori Batchelor, PhD)395 kb.pdf
01/19/2018   Transcending Burnout (Jon A. Courand, MD, FAAP)404 kb.pdf
01/06/2018   Beyond Skin to Skin The Science of Nurture -Alice K. Gong1,990 kb.pdf
12/8 /2017   “TRANSCENDING BURNOUT Flourishing in Challenging Times” (Jon A. Courand, MD, FAAP)423 kb.pdf
11/17/2017   To Sleep, Per Chance To Dream Updates on Pediatric Procedural Sedation-Michelle Arandes, MD938 kb.pdf
10/27/2017   Border Medicine in our Hospitals (Rachel Vandermeer, MD)199 kb.pdf
10/20/2017   -“Baltimore, Congenital Syphilis, and Reverse Sequence Testing Lessons Learned” (W. Christopher Golden, MD)843 kb.pdf
10/13/2017   “Maternal Obesity in Pregnancy; Short and Long-Term Effects On The Offspring” (Patrick M. Catalano, MD)1,260 kb.pdf
09/29/2017   “X-ALD The Story of A Family And The Drive To Change The Newborn Screen- ” (Kelly Averill, MD)5,076 kb.pdf
09/22/2017   Teen Suicide Prevention Local Efforts (Terri MabritoJeannie Von Stultz, PhD)875 kb.pdf
09/15/2017   “The Scarlet H Neonatal Herpes Simplex Virus Infection in the 21st Century” (J.B. Cantey, MD)519 kb.pdf
09/08/2017   “Legislative Recap Implications of the 85th Texas Legislature for Children and Pediatricians ( Clayton Travis, MSSW)1,052 kb.pdf
08/25/2017   “Fat Friend or Foe An Overview of Pediatric Hyperlipidemia and Current Treatment Options” (Elia N. Escaname, MD)1,249 kb.pdf
08/18/2017   “It’s Academic Practical Scholarship For The Practicing Physician” (Elizabeth R. Hanson, MD)470 kb.pdf
08/11/2017   – “Ethical Challenges In Pediatric Palliative Care” (Glen A. Medellin, MD)958 kb.pdf
08/04/2017   “Shared Decision-Making It’s Not What You Think It Is” (Dina M. Tom, MD)468 kb.pdf
07/28/2017   “When An Ear Infection Is Not Just An Ear Infection” (Marisa Earley, MD)695 kb.pdf
07/21/2017   “Neurologic Emergencies” (Sidney W. Atkinson, MD)838 kb.pdf
06/30/2017   – “Pediatric Pulmonary Hypertension Current Management and Therapy” (Sergio Bartakian, MD)1,594 kb.pdf
06/23/2017   – “Stress Management and Burnout” (Mark C. Garcia, MDTyler B. Hughes, MDMireille Liboiron, DOMarilyn Hernandez, LVN)535 kb.pdf
06/16/2017   – “Pediatric Primary Care and The NICU Survivor A Unique Perspective” (Alice Gong, MDJennifer Aguilar, MD)1,321 kb.pdf
06/09/2017   -“The Impact of EMR on HealthCare Provider Wellness” (Kayeleigh E. Higgerson, DO, Florisa Marie Bangaoil Lubrin, MD, Monica Ruiz, MD Jessica Gallegos, BS, BSN, RN)567 kb.pdf
05/19/2017   Bullying In The Work Place (Amanda Chavez, MD , Rebecca Iris Hernandez, MD, Karli L. McCoy, MD , Samantha Wertz, BSN,RN)340 kb.pdf
04/21/2017   – Pediatric Stroke. Another Reason Kids Aren't Just Little Adults-Melissa J. Frei-Jones MD MSCI170 kb.pdf
04/14/2017   – “Exploring The Care of Medically Complex Children” - (Wisdeen Wu, DO)469 kb.pdf
04/07/2017   - How to Conquer a chromosome abnormality-Jannine D. Cody2,074 kb.pdf
03/31/2017   – “Latest Findings in Birth Defects” (Mark A. Canfield, PhD)524 kb.pdf
03/24/2017   “Supporting The Health of Immigrant Children An Update From The Border” (Marsha Griffin, MD, FAAP)473 kb.pdf
03/10/2017   “Dr. Phalen’s ADHD Dogma” (James A. Phalen, MD, FAAP)232 kb.pdf
03/10/2017   “When It’s Not ADHD” (James A. Phalen, MD,FAAP)1,591 kb.pdf
03/03/2017   “Practical Guidelines For QI in Your Practice With Added Benefits” (Sandra J. Ehlers, MD)761 kb.pdf
02/17/2017   Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) in Children Typical and Atypical (Naim Alkhouri, MD)644 kb.pdf
02/10/2017   Headaches in Children and Adolescents-JA (Jose L. Aceves, MD)844 kb.PDF
02/03/2017   The Fourth Trimester Cells; Microbes; Breastfeeding, OH MY! (Alice Gong, MD)856 kb.pdf
01/27/2017   30 Years and Counting.Lessons from The Diabetes Control and Complications Trial546 kb.pdf
01/20/2017   Legislative Preview - Predicting the 85th Texas Legislature's Impact on Children and Pediatricians(Ryan D. Van Ramshorst, MD, FAAP)472 kb.pdf
01/13/2017   Thyroid Nodules and Differentialed Thyroid Cancers in Children-Gary Francis2,294 kb.pdf
01/06/2017   How Much Calcium and Vitamin D Do Children Need (Steven Abrams, MD)1,976 kb.pdf
12/16/2016   San Antonio -2016 HPV Presentation (Dr. Paul Darden)1,692 kb.pdf
12/09/2016   Mindful Parenting Strategies for Medical Adherence (Kelsie Hendrickson, PhD)379 kb.pdf
12/02/2016   CBCST Presentation to Pediatric Grand Rounds-Marian Sokol, PhD, MPH and Blair Thompson, MDiv105 kb.pdf
11/11/2016   Pediatric Thrombosis (Frei-Jones, MD, MSCI)189 kb.pdf
11/04/2016   Lung Function Testing_ Spirometry and More (FILOMENA HAZEL VILLA, MD)712 kb.pdf
10/28/2016   WARNING - Graphic Content to Follow - Abuse or Not Abuse (Kissoon, MD)855 kb.pdf
10/21/2016   Public Health (Mangla, MS, PhD, MPH, FRSPH)1,008 kb.pdf
10/14/2016   The Joys and Sorrows of Working in Ciudad Juarez (Ross, MD, PhD)388 kb.pdf
10/07/2016   Medical Legal Assistance for Families (Zinn, JD)214 kb.pdf
09/30/2016   Risk of Neurotoxicity in Children from General Anesthesia (Marisa Earley, MD)620 kb.pdf
09/23/2016   Solving the Clot Problem in Cardiopulmonary Life Support Devices(Meyer, MD,MS)1,856 kb.pdf
09/09/2016   LBG and Especially Transgendered Youth and the Role of the Pediatrician (Dale Ahrendt,MD)445 kb.pdf
08/26/2016   Anaphylaxis Urticaria and Angioedema(Brooks, MD)1,014 kb.pdf
08/18/2016   Pediatric IBD (Ray, MD)2,714 kb.pdf
08/12/2016   Genetic screening and diagnosis of primary immune deficiency (Infante, MD, PhD)1,348 kb.pdf
08/05/2016   Psychosocial Issues in Pediatric Cancer (Embry, PhD)76 kb.pdf
08/05/2016   Look at Pediatric Hematology Oncology(Tomlinson, MD, PhD)297 kb.pdf
08/05/2016   International Programs (Assanasen, MD)490 kb.pdf
08/05/2016   Community Outreach and Advocacy(Aune, MD, PhD)126 kb.pdf
07/29/2016   Resp Failure in Neonates 072916(Shah, MD)1,013 kb.pdf
07/22/2016   Current Concepts and Controversies (Daniel Ranch, MD)3,429 kb.pdf
07/15/2016   WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT TO FOLLOW Child Abuse Medicine (Jim Anderst, MD)933 kb.pdf
07/08/2016   Child Poverty Biomedical (Hanson, MD)783 kb.pdf
06/24/2016   Mechanisms of Lung Injury and Disrupted Development in Neonates (Steven Seidner, MD)965 kb.pdf
06/17/2016   Pediatric Cancer Advocacy and the Childhood Cancer STAR Act (Aune, MD, PhD)1,314 kb.pdf
06/03/2016   Hypoglycemia (Jessica Hutchins, MD)1,116 kb.pdf
05/27/2016   Sepsis Update (Carroll MD)959 kb.pdf
05/13/2016   Tell Me About It (Rocio Garcia, PhD)99 kb.pdf
05/06/2016   PALS update and Post Resuscitation Care Apr 2016 (Wu, MD)1,254 kb.pdf
04/29/2016   Assessing Heritable Risks of Cancer in Children (Tomlinson,Mette)1,194 kb.pdf
04/15/2016   Pediatric Movement Disorders (Averill)2,434 kb.pdf
04/08/2016   Optimal Management of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (DiGeronimo)1,720 kb.pdf
04/01/2016   Zika Virus Infection-An Emerging Infectious Disease(Conrad)1,459 kb.pdf
03/25/2016   Pediatric GR 2016 Injury Prevention (Liao)1,405 kb.pdf
03/11/2016   Bronchiolitis - State of the Mess (Foster) (Arredondo)1,305 kb.pdf
03/04/2016   Unconscious Bias (Solis)587 kb.pdf
02/26/2016   Management of the Dying Child (Vandermeer)433 kb.pdf
02/19/2016   TILT Peds II1,253 kb.pdf
02/12/2016   TILT Pediatrics (Heilbrun)772 kb.pdf
02/05/2016   Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care (Taeed)1,304 kb.pdf
01/29/2016   AYA Grand Rounds AG - PGR933 kb.pdf
01/22/2016   Prediction Outcomes Ambal Jan 2016631 kb.pdf
01/15/2016   IBD Grand Rounds (Shah, Jay)1,956 kb.pdf
01/07/2016   Birth Defects in Texas and Beyond_Epi findings1,659 kb.pdf
12/18/2015   Cowden Syndrome Grand Rounds (McDaniel)597 kb.pdf
12/11/2015   Vaping Smoke Mirrors TPS 2015 (Williams)511 kb.pdf
12/04/2015   pediatric medical home SA (Berman)507 kb.pdf
11/20/2015   Comprehensive Management of Cleft Lip and Palate (Christine B. Taylor, MD Christian L. Stallworth, MD)1,927 kb.pdf
11/13/2015   ECMO Grand Rounds (Froehlich)2,523 kb.pdf
11/06/2015   Growing Straight Children (Faust)4,520 kb.pdf
10/30/2015   Newborn Screening Saves Lives Whats New (Gong)735 kb.pdf
10/23/2015   Pain Medicine and Adolescents (Levy)1,060 kb.pdf
10/16/2015   Final Hip Dysplasia and Preservation Grand Rounds1,997 kb.pdf
10/09/2015   Diagnosis and Management of Dysautonomia Grand Rounds (Bush)1,136 kb.pdf
09/25/2015   Controversies in Precocious Puberty1,083 kb.pdf
09/18/2015   CF 2015-Improving Survival Through Optimization of Care & Innovative Therapeutics (Donna Beth Willey-Courand)674 kb.pdf
09/11/2015   Housing and Health (Elizabeth Hanson, MD & Rick Roman, JD)330 kb.pdf
08/28/2015   How to be a Dermatologic Rockstar (Elizabeth H. Tichy, MD, FAAD)1,254 kb.pdf
08/21/2015   Contribution of General Peditrician to Reduction in Mortality in ICU (Fernando Stein, MD)925 kb.pdf
08/14/2015   Current State of Pediatrics in San Antonio (Thomas C Mayes, MD, MBA)159 kb.pdf
08/07/2015   Quiet Learner (Jean Petershack, MD)484 kb.pdf
07/31/2015   Early Childhood Obesity-I don't understand it! (B. Alex Foster, MD, MPH)957 kb.pdf
07/24/2015   Laboratory Utilization-The right test, in the right patient, at the right time (Kristin Fiebelkorn, MD, FCAP)435 kb.pdf
07/17/2015   The Other Side of the Chart-Pediatric Palliative Care (V. Pyle Escobar, DO and G. Medellin, MD)545 kb.pdf
07/09/2015   Texas Legislative Update335 kb.pdf
06/26/2015   Pediatric Tethered Cord Syndrome (Izabela Tarasiewicz, MD, FRCS)4,176 kb.pdf
06/19/2015   A Longer View of Congential Heart Disease (John Calhoon, MD) copy4,652 kb.pdf
06/12/2015   Pediatric Buddy Program-Pilot Program (H.Idrizi, MD, B.Payne, MAEd, M.Arandes, MD)390 kb.pdf
05/29/2015   Acute Liver Failure In Children (Lorena M Fernandez-Restrepo, MD)814 kb.pdf
05/15/2015   Cutting the Cord-View from the Other Side (Lindsey Koele-Schmidt, MD)859 kb.pdf
05/01/2015   Feed Those Babies Some Peanut Products!! (Edward Brooks, MD)1,248 kb.pdf
04/17/2015   Goodbye Lecture, Hello Engaged Classroom Learning (Glen Medellin, MD and Haneme Idrizi, MD)315 kb.pdf
04/10/2015   Monitoring Growth-Pearls for the General Practitioner (Mark Hamaker, MD)659 kb.pdf
04/03/2015   What Every Pediatrician needs to know about Microbiology (Steven D. Dallas, PhD, D(ABMM), MT(ASCP)SM)1,061 kb.pdf
03/27/2015   Keeping Kids Safe -TeamSTEPPS Essentials II (Denver, DNP; Medellin, MD; Arandes, MD; Reza, Phd; Bridwell, MSN; Ryerson, DNP)582 kb.pdf
03/20/2015   Keeping Kids Safe -TeamSTEPPS Essentials I (Denver, DNP; Medellin, MD; Arandes, MD; Reza, Phd; Bridwell, MSN; Ryerson, DNP)582 kb.pdf
03/06/2015   Teens & Parenting-Neurodevelopment & Stress Management3,447 kb.pdf
03/06/2015   Teens & Parenting-Neurodevelopment & Stress Management (Janet F. Williams, MD, FAAP)3,447 kb.pdf
02/27/2015   Orthopedics in the neonate (Kaye E Wilkins, DVM, MD)1,851 kb.pdf
02/20/2015   The Importance of Long-term Follow-up of High-Risk Newborn Infants Lessons from NICHD-funded Research Studies (Tonse NK Raju, MD, DCH)1,638 kb.pdf
02/13/2015   You Mean There's More to CAMP than Fun and Games (Brandon G Briery, PhD)679 kb.pdf
02/06/2015   Renal Tubular Disorders (Daniel Ranch, MD)1,572 kb.pdf
01/30/2015   Update on Rabies (Daniel J Dire, MD, FAAP, FACEP, FAAEM)2,008 kb.pdf
01/23/2015   Toward Wellness (Jon A. Courand, MD)416 kb.pdf
01/16/2015   Scoliosis in the Growing Child (John R Faust, MD)1,666 kb.pdf
01/09/2015   Cardiac Disease in Childhood Cancer Survivors; From Bench to Bedside and Beyond (Gregory J Aune, MD, PhD)802 kb.pdf
12/19/2014   Validity of a Telemedicine System for Evaluations of Acute-phase ROP (Alice Gong, MD)682 kb.pdf
12/12/2014   Childhood Obesity (Candace Percival, MD)2,411 kb.pdf
12/05/2014   Autoimmune Encephalitis (Sid W. Atkinson, MD)356 kb.pdf
11/21/2014   The Swollen Optic Disc (Martha Schatz, MD)542 kb.pdf
11/14/2014   Management of Abdominal Trauma in chilren (Lillian F Liao, MD, MPH FACS)685 kb.pdf
11/07/2014   Teen Transition-Social Security Disability Benefits and the Transition to Adulthood ( Reneé Treviño, JD)316 kb.pdf
10/31/2014   Celiac Disease (Jaime Echartea Gonzalez, MD)657 kb.pdf
10/24/2014   DDH From Infancy to Skeletal Maturity-Safe Swaddling to Periacetabular Osteotomy (John R Faust, MD)1,924 kb.pdf
10/17/2014   Fertility Preservation in Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer (Chatchawin Assanasen, MD; Jessica Campbell, MD; Jennifer Knudtson, MD)1,579 kb.pdf
10/10/2014   Newborn Screening for Immune Deficiency What have we learned so far (Anthony J Infante, MD)406 kb.pdf
10/03/2014   The Neuroscience of ADHD Implications for Treatment (Steven Pliszka, MD)644 kb.pdf
09/26/2014   Lysosomal Acid Lipase Deficiency (Mark Goldberg, MD)1,353 kb.pdf
09/19/2014   Opening the Door to a Great Future (Angie Mock, CEO)508 kb.pdf
09/12/2014   Update on ADHD AAP Revised Guidelines (Neha Patel, DO)785 kb.pdf
09/05/2014   Allergy Primer 2014 (Edward G. Brooks, MD)547 kb.pdf
08/29/2014   Real Cases from the NICU (Jean Petershack, MD)671 kb.pdf
08/22/2014   Hypertension in children and adolescents (Ikuyo Yamaguchi, MD, PhD)411 kb.pdf
08/15/2014   Oxygen Basics V5 (Dr. Jesus R. Guajardo)666 kb.pdf
08/08/2014   Vomiting in Pediatric Patients (Robert Sanders, DO)858 kb.pdf
08/01/2014   Syncope of Potential Cardiac Origin (David Bush, MD, PhD)952 kb.pdf
07/25/2014   Parents and Kids and Teens Oh My! (Ann-Louise Lockhart, PsyD, ABPP)514 kb.pdf
07/18/2014   Patient Centered Care and Improving Quality (Jeremy Perlman,MD)319 kb.pdf
07/11/2014   Deviant Chromosome Engineering (Foster, et. al.)95 kb.pdf
06/27/2014   Human Trafficking (Shalon Nienow, MD)768 kb.pdf
06/20/2014   Legal Implications of Nontraditional Family Structures-Kincare (Julie Balovich, JD)1,041 kb.pdf
06/06/2014   Tales from Tenwek-Case Studies from Bomet, Kenya (Pamela Wood, MD) 647 kb.pdf
05/30/2014   Pediatric ARDS-What's New, Peeps (Shelley Hancock, MD)381 kb.pdf
05/16/2014   Failure to Thrive (Kathleen Buckley, RN, CPNP)1,478 kb.pdf
05/02/2014   Autism-Chronic Features and Dynamic Mechanisms (Martha Herbert, MD, PhD)2,121 kb.pdf
04/25/2014   Sleep and the Special Needs Child (Shana Hansen, MD)1,673 kb.pdf
04/11/2014   Updates for Food Allergy (Kari Nadeau, MD, PhD)1,042 kb.pdf
04/04/2014   Malabsorption, The Pediatric Perspective (Ryan Carvalho, MD)1,511 kb.pdf
03/28/2014   Extracorporeal Extravaganza, ECMO and Other Advanced Technologies (Curtis Froehlich, MD)15,022 kb.pdf
03/21/2014   Typical Infant Development, Social Communication--When should we be concerned (Pauline Filipek, MD)355 kb.pdf
03/07/2014   Pediatric Service in Southern Ethiopia (Birkneh Tilahun Tadesse, MD)739 kb.pdf
02/28/2014   Pediatric Liver Transplant, Review and Update (Naveen Mittal, MD)2,187 kb.pdf
02/21/2014   Hemoglobinopathies... (Melissa Frei-Jones, MD, MSCI)1,112 kb.pdf
02/14/2014   Transforming Primary Care- Whole Child, Whole Family Approach (Barry Zuckerman, MD)866 kb.pdf
02/07/2014   Disparities in Pediatric Cancer Care (Anne-Marie Langevin, MD)1,601 kb.pdf
01/31/2014   Current Management of Bone Sarcomas, An Orthopaedist Perspective (Rajiv Rajani, MD)2,750 kb.pdf
01/24/2014   Autism, Chronic Features and Dynamic Mechamisms (Martha Herbert, MD, PhD)744 kb.pdf
01/17/2014   Managment of Chronic Pain in Children (Glen Medellin, MD)2,774 kb.pdf
01/10/2014   Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy (Jesus Guajardo, MD, PhD)485 kb.pdf
12/20/2013   Pediatric Palliative Care, Ethical Considerations from an Internist's Perspective (Jason Morrow, MD, PhD)3,208 kb.pdf
12/13/2013   ROP 2013. Failure is not an option. (C. Armitage Harper, III, MD)733 kb.pdf
12/06/2013   Electronic Health Records Use from a Complexity Science Perspective (Holly J. Lanham, Phd, MBA)519 kb.pdf
11/22/2013   Approaching Childhood Constipation (Anees Siddiqui MD)1,674 kb.pdf
11/15/2013   Top 10 areas to help your bottom line (Linda Parsi, MD, MBA, FAAP)676 kb.pdf
11/08/2013   What you don't know (or look for) can hurt you (Jennifer Clarke MD, PGY-54,798 kb.pdf
11/01/2013   Nutrition for Diabetes (Aimee Wauters, MS, RD, LD, CDE)565 kb.pdf
10/25/2013   Pediatric ENT & You--A Patient Care Partnership (Timothy McEvoy, MD)901 kb.pdf
10/18/2013   TXPOP, Screening for CCHD in the Apparently Healthy Newborn (Alice Gong, MD)449 kb.pdf
10/11/2013   Current Medical Management of Seizure Disorders (Linda Leary, MD)339 kb.pdf
10/04/2013   Environmental Risk Factors for ASD (Pamela Lein, PhD)705 kb.pdf
09/27/2013   Hemangiomas in the Newborn, Part 2 (Lauren Wood, MD)106 kb.pdf
09/27/2013   Hemangiomas in the Newborn, Part 1 (Rajam Ramamurthy, MD)63 kb.pdf
09/20/2013   Medicaid Waivers-What are these and how can I help my patients (Nicole W. Love, JD)393 kb.pdf
09/13/2013   Disorders of Growth and Puberty (William Rogers, MD)586 kb.pdf
09/06/2013   Nutritional Management of Children with Chronic Kidney Disease (Lori Grant, MEd, RD, LD)473 kb.pdf
08/30/2013   Surviving Sepsis 2012 (Richard Taylor, MD, MS)112 kb.pdf
08/23/2013   Allergy, Immunology & Rheumatology Primer... (Anthony Infante, MD, PHD, Edward Brooks, MD)3,279 kb.pdf
08/16/2013   There's A Whole Lot of Shaking Going On (Sidney Atkinson, MD)1,588 kb.pdf
08/09/2013   5 Things You Really Need to Know About Child Abuse (Nancy Kellogg, MD)1,882 kb.pdf
08/02/2013   Practical Diabetes Management (Carisse Orsi, MD)6,115 kb.pdf
07/26/2013   Treatment and Management of Common Pediatric Urgencies (David Bush, MD, PhD)5,015 kb.pdf
07/19/2013   How I learned to stopy worrying and love inpatient pediatrics (Haneme Idrizi, MD, B. Alexander Foster, MD, MPH)1,110 kb.pdf
07/12/2013   Surviving Residency (Ryan Van Ramshorst, MD)670 kb.pdf
06/28/2013   Live Healthy Empowering Youth to Make Healthful Choices (Angie Mock)2,483 kb.pdf
06/21/2013   NP's and PA's, Practice Issues and Beyond (Cathy Woodward, PNP-AC, Daniel Wood, PA-C)1,034 kb.pdf
06/14/2013   Juvenile Justice--Risk, Rehabilitation, and Role in Residency Education (Elizabeth Hanson, MD, Jeannine von Stultz, PhD)954 kb.pdf
05/31/2013   Polyps in Pediatrics (Sonal Desai, MD)457 kb.pdf
05/17/2013   Transitioning the high risk neonate into Primary Care (Alvaro G. Moreira, MD)594 kb.pdf
05/03/2013   Prescribing IV Fluids--Update from 1957 (B. Alexander Foster, MD, MPH)1,547 kb.pdf
04/19/2013   Cystic Fibrosis-Related Diabetes (Maria Rayas, MD, PGY6)651 kb.pdf
04/12/2013   Hypertension in the Well Rounded Child (Jane Lynch, MD)2,965 kb.pdf
04/05/2013   Transformation of Medical Education, Teaching the Teacher (Jason Parker, MD)2,380 kb.pdf
03/29/2013   Hemangiomas and Other Vascular Anomalies (Melissa Frei-Jones, MD, MSCI) 364 kb.pdf
03/22/2013   Traumatic Brain Injury (Julia Ruiz, MD, PGY6)1,659 kb.pdf
03/08/2013   Core Concepts for Developing a Curriculum (Noemi Adame, MD, Beth Payne, MAEd, C-TAGME)779 kb.pdf
03/01/2013   Pediatric Cough (Jesus Guajardo, MD, MHPE, PhD)1,692 kb.pdf
02/22/2013   Autism Spectrum Disorder--Recognizing Symptoms, Dispelling Myths1,158 kb.pdf
02/15/2013   New Horizons for Therapy in Type 2 Diabetes (Ana Maria Paez, MD) 4,143 kb.pdf
02/01/2013   Pediatric Electrophysiology and Pacing – Decoded (David Bush, MD, PhD)2,323 kb.pdf
01/25/2013   Effect of Adenotonsillectomy on the Lung Function of Children with Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Asthma (Filomena Villa, MD)479 kb.pdf
01/11/2013   Therapeutic Hypothermia, Applications for the PICU (Theodore Wu, MD)5,155 kb.pdf
01/04/2013   Neonatal Recommendations for GBS Disease (Cynthia Blanco, MD)1,101 kb.pdf
01/04/2013   Early Onset GBS Disease Prevention For Obstetrics (Donald Dudley, MD)709 kb.pdf
12/14/2012   Adolescent Substance Abuse (Janet Williams, MD)2,726 kb.pdf
12/07/2012   Advocacy Training in Medical Education (Elizabeth Hanson, MD, Ryan Van Ramshorst, MD, PGY3)463 kb.pdf
11/30/2012   ...CMV Status When Ordering Blood Products...(Melissa Frei-Jones, MD, PhD, and Aaron Sugalski, MD)435 kb.pdf
11/16/2012   Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (Alice Gong, MD)621 kb.pdf
11/09/2012   Cleft Lip and Palate (Lisa Buckmiller, MD)305 kb.pdf
11/02/2012   The Pediatric Traveler (Ashley Maranich, MD, MAJ, USA, MC)1,134 kb.pdf
10/26/2012   Approacch to Clinical Genetics and Testing, The Old and The New756 kb.pdf
10/19/2012   Recognition and Treatment of Neurofibromatosis in Pediatrics (Laura Klesse, MD, PhD)677 kb.pdf
10/18/2012   TXPOP, Screening for Critical Congenital Heart Disease in ... Newborns (Alice Gong MD)422 kb.pdf
10/12/2012   Pediatric Brain Tumors (Emily Moses, MD, PGY6)1,467 kb.pdf
10/05/2012   Newborn Screening for SCIDS...(Anthony J. Infante, MD, PhD)1,038 kb.pdf
09/28/2012   MLAF, How To Help Your Patients WithTheir Special Educational Needs (Rebecca Huston, MD, MPH, and Kathryn Newell, JD)279 kb.pdf
09/21/2012   The Tell-Tale Heart, Late Effects in Pediatric Cancer Survivors (Gregory Aune, MD, PhD)1,410 kb.pdf
09/14/2012   Mentoring Success What You Can Do to Make A Difference (Lois Zachary, EdD)759 kb.pdf
09/07/2012   Neonatal Herpesvirus Infections, Benefits of Collaborative Trials (Charles Leach, MD)2,302 kb.pdf
08/24/2012   How to Characterize a Rash and Diagnose the Etiology (John Browning, MD)1,866 kb.pdf
08/17/2012   A Melange of Infectious Diseases Topics (Terence Doran, MD, PhD)2,352 kb.pdf
08/10/2012   How To Perform a Decent Neurologic Examination Before You Call Me (Sidney Atkinson, MD)5,648 kb.pdf
08/03/2012   An Introduction to Child Protection in Texas (John Melville, MD, Casey Houghton, MSW)667 kb.pdf
07/27/2012   Parenteral Nutrition, Consensus...(Naveen Mittal, MD)2,024 kb.pdf
07/20/2012   Management of Type 1 Diabetes (Carisse Orsi, MD)925 kb.pdf
07/13/2012   Allergy, Immunology and Rheumatology Primer... (A. J. Infante, MD, PhD, E. G. Brooks, MD)2,763 kb.pdf
07/06/2012   Management of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Emergencies (Maria G. Falcon, MD, PGY 6)1,480 kb.pdf
06/29/2012   Diagnostic Reasoning (Jesus Guajardo, MD, MHS, PhD)1,057 kb.pdf
06/15/2012   Insulin Resistance in Muscle... (Brian Ely, MD, PGY 6)2,048 kb.pdf
06/01/2012   Management of Burn Wounds (Lillian Liao, MD)1,488 kb.pdf
05/18/2012   Adenovirus Review (Kevin Fajardo, MD)673 kb.pdf
05/11/2012   Interdisciplinary Team Communication through Inpatient Rounds (Vineeta Mittal, MD)800 kb.pdf
04/20/2012   Approach to Pediatric Sleep Disorders (Samiya Ahmad, MD)869 kb.pdf
04/13/2012   Pediatrician's Approach to ... Physical Activity (Amanda Almazan, MD, MPH, PGY3, Kajal Gandhi, DO, MPH, PGY3)1,856 kb.pdf
04/06/2012   Improving ECMO... (Andrew Meyer, MD, MS)1,912 kb.pdf
03/30/2012   Neonatal Necrotizing Enterocolitis... (Akhil Maheshwari, MD)1,642 kb.pdf
03/23/2012   Improving the Quality and Safety of Patient Care, Lessons Learned from Hand Hygiene2,187 kb.pdf
03/09/2012   Post-Discharge Nutrition of the Very Low Birthweight Infant (Rajam Ramamurthy, MD)737 kb.pdf
03/02/2012   Providing and Receiving Feedback in Medicine (Glen Medellin, MD, Jean Petershack, MD)942 kb.pdf
02/24/2012   Management of the Spastic Child (Sidney Atkinson, MD)910 kb.pdf
02/17/2012   Sexual Behaviors in Children, What's Normal and What's Not (Nancy Kellogg, MD)632 kb.pdf
02/10/2012   The Benefits and Pitfalls of Medical Volunteering (Cathy Woodward, DNP, RN, PNP-AC)210 kb.pdf
02/03/2012   One for the Money,... Vignettes from the National Children's Study (Daniel Hale, MD, and Others)993 kb.pdf
01/27/2012   Selected Topics in Hematology-Oncology, Complementology (Chatchawin Assanasen, MD)6,145 kb.pdf
01/20/2012   Managing Concussions in Pediatric and Adolescent Patients (Dale Ahrendt, MD)1,897 kb.pdf
01/13/2012   Anaphylaxis and Angioedema (Edward Brooks, MD)1,827 kb.pdf
01/06/2012   Type 1 Diabetes, We've Come a Long Way (Anita Swamy, MD)1,665 kb.pdf
12/16/2011   Tourette Syndrome, the Whole Tic and Kaboodle (Samuel Zinner, MD)940 kb.pdf
12/09/2011   Contemporary Management of Cleft Lip and Palate (Christian Stallworth, MD)152 kb.pdf
12/02/2011   Gastrointestinal and Nutritional Challenges in the Cystic Fibrosis World (Ruba Abdelhadi, MD)2,281 kb.pdf
11/18/2011   Going with the Flow. the Management of UTI in Children (Michelle Arandes, MD)885 kb.pdf
11/11/2011   Understanding...the Pediatrician's Role as a Legislative Advocate (Ryan Van Ramshorst, MD, Carrie Kroll)1,197 kb.pdf
11/04/2011   What's New in Newborn Care! Part I (Alice Gong, MD)1,715 kb.pdf
10/28/2011   Transforming Care to Reduce Health Disparities (Barry Zuckerman, MD)1,633 kb.pdf
10/21/2011   Speech and Language Disorders in Children (Nhung Tran, MD, FAAP)1,154 kb.pdf
10/14/2011   Nutritional Managment of Children with CKD (Lori Grant, MEd, RD, LD)948 kb.pdf
10/07/2011   Gluten Sensitive Enteropathy (Ruba Abdelhadi, MD)1,456 kb.pdf
09/30/2011   MLAF How Public Benefits Help Your Patient (Rebecca Huston, MD, MPH, Renee Trevino, JD)1,244 kb.pdf
09/23/2011   Advance Care Planning and Directives (Melody Hellsten, MS, APRN-BC, PNP)607 kb.pdf
09/16/2011   A Parent's Perspective, The Emotional Impact of Preterm Birth (Kelli Kelley)694 kb.pdf
09/09/2011   Parenteral Nutrition, Current Concepts and Role in ... Intestinal Failure (Naveen Mittal, MD)2,167 kb.pdf
08/26/2011   Diagnosis and Management of AKI in Children (Daniel Ranch, MD)1,372 kb.pdf
08/19/2011   Childhood Diabetes 2011 (Daniel Hale, MD)2,103 kb.pdf
08/12/2011   Asthma and Wheezing in the young Child (Jesus Guajardo, MD, MS)1,133 kb.pdf
08/05/2011   Common Pediatric Rashes... (John Browning, MD)2,957 kb.pdf
07/29/2011   Surviving Sepsis (Richard Taylor, MD, MS)589 kb.pdf
07/22/2011   The Child with a Bleeding Disorder (Amanda Blair, MD)627 kb.pdf
07/15/2011   Altered States of Awareness (Sid Atkinson, MD)747 kb.pdf
07/08/2011   Infectious Diseases Conundrums (Terence Doran, MD)2,111 kb.pdf
07/01/2011   Surviving Residency... (Stephanie Reeves, DO) 681 kb.pdf
06/24/2011   Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Ashish Patel, MD)2,017 kb.pdf
06/17/2011   Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (Ana Marin, MD)471 kb.pdf
06/03/2011   Adolescent Gynecology... (Frederick Brown, MD)683 kb.pdf
05/20/2011   The promise of practice-based research. Are networks the paradigm...(Paul Darden, II, MD)1,139 kb.pdf
05/13/2011   Clinical Reasoning and Diagnostic Error (Geeta Singhal, MD, MEd)600 kb.pdf
04/29/2011   Horror Autoinflammaticus (Daniel Kastner, MD, PhD)2,281 kb.pdf
04/08/2011   Update on Fibroblast Growth Factor-23 (Daniel Ranch, MD)986 kb.pdf
04/01/2011   Pancreatitis in Children (Bharani Pandrangi, MD)458 kb.pdf
03/25/2011   Patient Safety and Quality (Jan Patterson, MD, MS)1,136 kb.pdf
03/11/2011   Quality Improvement in Action (Shawn Ralston, MD, et al.)759 kb.pdf
03/04/2011   Performance and Quality Improvement in Resident Training (Michelle Arandes, MD, Ana Paez, MD)1,169 kb.pdf
02/25/2011   Pneumococcal disease in children (Deena Sutter, MD)1,282 kb.pdf
02/18/2011   Sudden Death, Athletic Hearts, Screening, Prevention (Steven Neish, MD, SM)346 kb.pdf
02/04/2011   No Grand Rounds (Snow Day)240 kb.pdf
01/28/2011   My Child Bruises Easily... A Tale of Losses and Victories! (Prasad Mathew, MD)1,051 kb.pdf
01/21/2011   Developmental Screening and Surveillance, Understanding the Basics... (Nhung Tran, MD) 715 kb.pdf
01/14/2011   Abnormal Uterine Bleeding in the Adolescent (Frederick Brown, MD)671 kb.pdf
01/07/2011   Neurodevelopmental and Health Outcomes of Preterm Children (Maureen Hack, MD)1,461 kb.pdf
12/24/2010   Holiday Schedule (No Grand Rounds)79 kb.pdf
12/17/2010   Radiology Evaluation of Leg Complaints and Limping (Maria-Gisela Mercado-Deane, MD)5,391 kb.pdf
12/10/2010   Child Physical Abuse 101 (Sandeep Narang, MD, JD)1,820 kb.pdf
12/03/2010   Early Puberty Ready or Not (Erica Eugster, MD)78 kb.pdf
11/19/2010   Quality and Variation in Medical Practice (Mark Shen, MD)1,423 kb.pdf
11/05/2010   Preparing Children for International Travel (Robert Elwood, MD)1,703 kb.pdf
10/29/2010   The Teen Idea of Safe Substance Abuse (Janet F. Williams, MD)1,155 kb.pdf
10/22/2010   Pediatric Community Acquired Pneumonia (Ricardo Quinonez, MD)3,139 kb.pdf
10/15/2010   Assessment and Management of Suspected Child Abuse (Amy R. Gavril, MD)499 kb.pdf
10/08/2010   Four Cases in October (Neil Mullen, MD)2,082 kb.pdf
10/01/2010   Nebulized Hypertonic Saline Therapy for Viral Bronchiolitis (Shawn Ralston, MD)2,150 kb.pdf
09/24/2010   Medical Legal Assistance for Families (Rebecca Huston, MD, MPH, and Susan Zinn, JD)445 kb.pdf
09/17/2010   The Illness and Death of a Child (Elena Lister, MD)99 kb.pdf
09/10/2010   Allergic Rhinoconjunctivitis (Jesus Guajardo, MD, MHPE)1,398 kb.pdf
08/27/2010   The Child with Respiratory Distress (D. B. Willey-Courand, MD)699 kb.pdf
08/20/2010   Diabetes Mellitus Types 1 and 2 (Carisse Orsi, MD)1,300 kb.pdf
08/13/2010   Encounters of the Nursery Rotation, 2 (R. Stribley, MD, PhD)l464 kb.pdf
08/13/2010   Encounters of the Nursery Rotation, 1 (R. Ramamurthy, MD)573 kb.pdf
08/13/2010   Encounters of the Nursery Rotation (QUIZ ANSWERS)14 kb.pdf
08/06/2010   A Smorgasbord of Infectious Diseases (Terence Doran, MD, PhD)7,022 kb.pdf
07/30/2010   Heart Sounds and Murmurs (Patrick Glasow, MD)78 kb.pdf
07/23/2010   Surviving Sepsis (Richard Taylor, MD, MS)49 kb.pdf
07/16/2010   Light and Melatonin (Russell Reiter, PhD)710 kb.pdf
07/09/2010   Altered Mental Status (Sidney Atkinson, MD)7,599 kb.pdf
07/02/2010   Surviving Residency... (Stephanie Reeves, DO)232 kb.pdf
06/25/2010   A Faculty Development Program in Academic Medicine (John Mangos, MD)3,211 kb.pdf
06/18/2010   Perinatal Grp B. Streptococcal Disease (Tania Hernandez, MD)440 kb.pdf
06/04/2010   Pediatric ECMO (Curtis Froehlich, MD)4,595 kb.pdf
05/21/2010   PTLD (Gregory Aune, MD, PHD)363 kb.pdf
05/14/2010   Traumatic Brain Injury Therapies (Kathrina Ong, MD)386 kb.pdf
05/07/2010   Pediatric Drug Eruptions (John Browning, MD)1,272 kb.pdf
04/30/2010   Pediatric Hepatic Transplantation (Naveen Mittal, MD)5,457 kb.pdf
04/16/2010   Septic Shock (Manish Desai, MD, PL5)214 kb.pdf
04/09/2010   Autism (Steven Pliszka, MD)140 kb.pdf
03/26/2010   Sickle Cell Disease Updates (Reginald Moore, MD)875 kb.pdf
03/12/2010   Surgical Treatment of Epilepsy (Linda Leary, MD)1,008 kb.pdf
03/05/2010   Depression in Children and Adolescents (Steven Pliszka, MD)172 kb.pdf
02/26/2010   Special Education Law (Kathryn Newell JD)30 kb.pdf
02/19/2010   Use and Abuse of IVIG (Anthony Infante, MD, PhD)747 kb.pdf
02/12/2010   HPV (Dennis Conrad, MD)1,395 kb.pdf
02/05/2010   ADHD Pharmcology (Steven Pliszka, MD)209 kb.pdf
01/29/2010   UTI Update (Michelle Arandes, MD)410 kb.pdf
01/22/2010   M. pneumoniae and Pediatric LRTIs (Vanessa Hill, MD)619 kb.pdf
01/15/2010   Bacterial Infection in Viral Bronchiolitis (Shawn Ralston, MD)6,002 kb.pdf
01/08/2010   ADHD Diagnosis (Steven Pliszka, MD)218 kb.pdf
01/08/2010   ADHD CMRS Parents (Pliszka)88 kb.pdf
01/08/2010   ADHD Child Mood Scale (Pliszka)8 kb.pdf
12/18/2009   Management of Malabsorption (Samuel Kocoshis, MD)1,474 kb.pdf
12/11/2009   Food Allergy (Wesley Burks, MD)735 kb.pdf
12/04/2009   Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (J. Cole, MD)1,554 kb.pdf
11/20/2009   Vaccine Search for RSV (Stephania Cormier, PhD)1,404 kb.pdf
11/13/2009   Newborn Screening for Cystic Fibrosis (P. Farrell, MD, PhD)1,424 kb.pdf
11/13/2009   Newborn CF Screening in Texas (D B Willey-Courand, MD)201 kb.pdf
11/06/2009   H1N1 Flu (J. Patterson, MD)1,507 kb.pdf
10/30/2009   Ethics- Managed Care (T. Jefferson, MD)30 kb.pdf
10/23/2009   Light and Melatonin (R. Reiter, PhD)2,073 kb.pdf
10/16/2009   Concussion Mgmt (Dr. D. Ahrendt)18,161 kb.pdf
10/09/2009   Seizure Disorders (Dr. S. Atkinson)8,241 kb.pdf
09/25/2009   Appendicitis (Dr. Cofer)1,105 kb.pdf
09/18/2009   NAFLD (Dr. Orsi)2,185 kb.pdf
09/11/2009   Glycemia in the Critically Ill (Dr. Armijo-Garcia)429 kb.pdf
08/28/2009   MLAF (Dr. Son, S. Zinn, JD)394 kb.pdf
08/21/2009   Neonate Ventilation Jeopardy (Dr. Seidner)1,634 kb.pdf