A Day in the Life of a Fellow

Our fellows have exposure to a variety of pathologies and complex critical cases, including but not limited to neurocritical children affected with traumatic brain injuries and CNS malignancies, immunocompromised transplant recipients and children with various hematological malignancies, children with life threatening large surface area burns, children with severe respiratory failure, etc. Our fellows get ample critical care procedural experience, a skill essential to succeed in care of sick children.

Other responsibilities designated to the fellow include coordinating transports accepted from other facilities, running mock codes, and teaching residents and medical students. Upper level fellows are expected to have increasing levels of independence as they advance in their training, running rounds in the PICU, leading family conferences, and coordinating various care teams.

Daily rounds are multidisciplinary in both units and always include a pediatric pharmacist and nutritionist who provide an active voice in the comprehensive care of our critically ill patients. Both of our units also benefit from a 24-hour pediatric pharmacist available in hospital.