What is an FDP?

A plan of organized intradepartmental activities aimed at empowering each junior or mid-level member of the Pediatric Faculty to develop excellence and satisfaction in his/her career as an academic educator and/or academic service provider and/or scholarly researcher in the academic setting of the Department of Pediatrics within the environment of the Medical School and the UTHSCSA.

What is the need for an FDP?

To improve job satisfaction, productivity, and performance as well as retention of junior and mid-level faculty so that they can reach their academic career goals. Success of the FDP will eventually result in an academic faculty which values teaching and learning in the Department of Pediatrics. It will also assist the faculty in achieving a balance between their careers and their personal/family life.

Why should there be emphasis on faculty retention?

As the economy starts to improve again, more lucrative careers are presented outside the academic setting. Job satisfaction in our unique academic setting would lead to better retention of faculty. Increased retention of productive faculty is needed because non-retention is extremely costly to the department in the face of limited fiscal resources in academic medical schools.

What medical schools need for better faculty retention are job satisfaction, good productivity by each faculty member, and knowledge that each faculty member is effectively reaching his/her professional goals while maintaining a good balance in his/her personal life.

Implementation of the FDP in the Department of Pediatrics will aim at the creating and sustaining of a high quality of learning in the department. Such culture of learning will, hopefully, create an environment of compassionate and effective teaching/learning with respect for the faculty and for their skills, and collaborative efforts to develop new skills that correspond with today’s informational age.

A critical aspect of the FDP will be the development of the recognition of the diversity of goals and values among different members of the faculty because “everyone values different things differently.” Therefore, the FDP will attempt to create a blueprint of each faculty member’s values and abilities and to use this blueprint for the development of an “Individual Career Development Plan.” The directions and actions of this plan will be evaluated from year to year and the FDP will assist faculty in becoming productive and successful in their chosen academic paths of teaching, service, and research. It will assist each faculty member in sustaining his/her vitality both presently and in future years. In a narrower sense, the FDP will assist each faculty member to plan for his/her promotion and tenure and to take initiative in his/her career planning.

To achieve these goals, the FDP will use extensively “Faculty Mentoring” in the department. Each “Individual Career Development Plan” will be structured by each faculty member with the help of a member of the FDP Committee or other mentor with major emphasis placed on developing the appropriate balance between needs of the faculty member and those of his/her division/department.

One of the major goals of the FDP would be to assist women and minority faculty members to develop into successful pediatric academicians and to become leaders in their fields.