For Physicians


Inpatient consults at Children’s Hospital of San Antonio and University Hospital
If abuse or neglect is suspected, or if there is a high liklihood of abuse, Child Abuse Pediatrics (CAP) can be consulted. Even in cases of "obvious" abuse, CAP faculty can ensure the appropriate diagnostic testing is conducted, the history is complete and comprehensive, and can serve as liasons to Child Protective Services (CPS) and law enforcement. It is suggested that if CPS is called regarding a possible abusive injury to a child, CAP should likely be consulted as well.

Outpatient consults
CAP faculty can provide guidance to physicians on appropriate information gathering, work up and reporting of children who are suspected victims of abuse, as well as assistance in reading and interpreting tests and findings. A physician can also refer patients to Center for Miracles, or request a Center for Miracles assessment when they refer a patient to CPS. In general, CAP faculty will confer with the referring physician prior to setting up an evaluation at Center for Miracles. Parents will be asked for permission to release assessment information to the primary care provider for ongoing and follow-up care.